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Fall 2013 Registration Information ...

Attention: Please read the following changes regarding CCSA registration.
It is very important that you understand these changes.

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CCSA Registration Changes – Please Read

Document Summary:

  • CCSA Fall 2013-Spring 2014 “Age Divisions” & changes for U15
  • CCSA/City of Jeff Redevelopment Project   (How it will affect CCSA practice & games)
  • Special Requests (Change to CCSA policy)
  • Discontinuing Uniform Discounts for Spring

CCSA “age divisions” in effect for Fall 2013-Spring 2014:

Note: The CCSA “age divisions” have changed.

  • U06 – (will be divided into 2 separate groups – younger & older, divided evenly): 08/01/07 – 07/31/10
  • U08: 08/01/05 – 07/31/07
  • U10: 08/01/03 – 07/31/05
  • U12: 08/01/01 – 07/31/03
  • U14: 08/01/99 – 07/31/01
  • U15: 08/01/98 – 07/31/99   (players attending high school in the fall are NOT eligible to play CCSA in the fall)
  • U19 (high school): 08/01/94 – 07/31/99   (spring season only)

U15 players changes (born between 08/01/98 & 7/31/99) – Please read

Player attending high school in the fall
The player will NOT be eligible to play soccer at CCSA in the fall, because there is no U19 (high school) division in the fall. CCSA is adopting these recommendations of IYSA. Other local area clubs have already adopted these recommendations for this past spring season.

Player NOT attending high school in the fall
The player is considered a “trapped player” and IS eligible to play soccer in the U14 division at CCSA in the fall. This is the same IYSA rule that applies to travel players. Please note that CCSA will verify that the player will not be attending high school. You will be asked during the registration process, to enter the school that you will be attending.

CCSA/City of Jeffersonville Redevelopment Project – Please Read

This project will affect practice and game locations for the fall & spring seasons.

As many of you know, Clark County Soccer is partnering with the City of Jeffersonville Parks Dept. to redevelop the soccer fields at CCSA. The new facility will have five full sized soccer fields, as well as one full sized artificial turf field with lights. The entrance to CCSA will be moved to the top of the hill, aligned with the subdivision entrance opposite, as well as adding turn lanes and deceleration lanes, a new paved parking lot of over 300 parking spots. The fields will all have new drainage and sprinklers.

The Parks department will vote on this at their June 24th meeting at City Hall in Jeffersonville at 6pm, we encourage all of you to attend to show your support for this project.

We are expecting construction to start almost immediately. What this means is that the fields at CCSA will not be available for the fall, and probably only the turf field will be available in the spring. We have made arrangements with the City Parks Department to temporarily play at the soccer fields at 1613 East 8th Street in Jeffersonville, behind the Community Action of Southern Indiana Building (CASI) . The Parks Dept. will provide restrooms. The area has plenty of paved parking, and the fields are large enough to accommodate our fall numbers.

Limiting Special Requests

A word about requests ...
According to IYSA, players in a rec league are supposed to be assigned randomly. At CCSA, the requests have become so unmanageable that it is nearly impossible to assign teams, much less do it fairly.

We are asking that if a player makes a request, that it be for a valid reason such as carpooling. Players will gain more experience by playing with different kids and coaches. CCSA will try to accommodate your request but will not guarantee it.

In the fall, CCSA re-distributes all players to make new teams. We try to maintain these teams in the spring season but this always depends on the same players re-registering, the number of registrations, requests, as well as coach signups.

Requesting to “play up” ...
Players should not move up because he/she has a friend in an older division. This is not fair to the coach, or the other players in the older division, to have players that are NOT ready to be moved up. A player should only request to “play up” only if he/she shows a skill level greater that most of the players in the appropriate age division AND he/she is emotionally ready to move up. If the player’s birth date is very close to the cut-off date, then CCSA may make an exception.

No players are allowed to “play down” under any circumstances other than the trapped U15 player (See the Age Division section / U15 changes). CCSA has never allowed this due to insurance reasons.

CCSA will not offer the Spring Uniform Discount (with a possible exception of the U06 player):

U06 players are provided a jersey only, and all wear the same color.

Online registration thru GotSoccer is OPEN. Click Here.

Registration deadline is July 1st.